This one I found under a parked car.

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  1. Dear Ingrid,
    I am a fan of your whole documentary rubbing and photo project. I am of German Heritage. I also had a pen pal, Othmar Eiterer from Salzburg Austria when I was in High School. My husband Al and I visited him and his family in 1961 and spent some time in Vienna as well.

    But the main reason for my interest is that I have been documenting manhole covers in photos and rubbings since 1979 and have been creating art work based on manhole covers, grates and water covers since then which one can view on the art web site of my name.
    I am delighted that you informed me of your project and I wish you well on all of your future endeavors.
    “Grate Wishes!
    Bobbi Mastrangelo

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