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Calvino’s hidden cities

…Also in Raissa, city of sadness, there runs an invisible thread that binds one living being to another for a moment, then unravels, then is stretched again between moving points as it draws new and rapid patterns so that at … Continue reading

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Another Urban Treasure Hunt

A San Francisco Chronicle article last week brought my attention to other folks who are visually collecting urban idiosyncrasies – in this case, typos in street stamps in San Francisco.  Thomas Rogers’ photo archive documents over 150 of these typos, … Continue reading

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I am back in Vienna for a few weeks. I’m unprepared for the rain that’s visited the city these past few days, and in my search for rain boots, came across 1961 near the Gersthof S-bahn station. Perhaps once the … Continue reading

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This street reminded me of somewhere in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. A trolly even ran up its steep slope – evidence of a successful lobby by the area’s wealthy residents back back in the early 1900s?

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Nothing like kneeling down in the middle of the open market, snagging a rubbing, tidying up, then going to patronize your local organic butcher.

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I love this pattern. Also seen in 1912, and 1921, 1923 and to some extent 1925 – though that year seems particularly special.

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Why are the late 20s always under parked cars??? I guess it keeps them out of the sun at least.

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Here is a square one to follow up with the larger one found yesterday in the park.

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I had another 1899 pegged to rub yesterday – but a dog got there before I did and peed all over it. Booo. Luckily I found another today! Both examples are the only year I’ve ever seen from this company … Continue reading

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This is the first several older examples from a neighborhood above Gersthofer Strasse in the 18th district.

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