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I love this pattern. Also seen in 1912, and 1921, 1923 and to some extent 1925 – though that year seems particularly special.

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Beautiful, big, right in the path in Tuerkenschantz park.

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From the first district.

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It is so hot.  Last week it was the rain that played games with me, now it’s the heat!  The wax pencils pretty much melt on contact with the iron covers, especially those directly in the sun, as this one … Continue reading

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Right behind the UW

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I’ve especially appreciated finding covers that feature initials and names. Perhaps not surprisingly, this tradition seems to have fallen off after the 1950s. During this project’s next phase, I hope to research the histories of these manufacturers, and add them … Continue reading

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This is the first example I’ve found from the nineteen teens. Amazingly, from 1914, the year that WWI began. We’ve been noticing that there can be multiple designs for the same year. It seems that round covers only began to … Continue reading

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Also 18th district.

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